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Fame, unfortunately, is not only recognition and adoration from fans, but also a lot of downright bad sides. A lot of stalkers and other perverts stalking celebrities. Constant attempts to get rich off of “exclusive” shots of the star, filmed at an unexpected moment, and this is probably the easiest and least stressful.

Unfortunately, nothing is yet known about the possible release of a sequel to the television series ” Pam & Tommy season 2″.

The plot of Pam and Tommy Season 2

He is a charismatic and handsome guy who is considered the sex symbol of this year. The drummer of a famous band, and just a great guy. Leads the life of all the celebrities of the time: swallowing drugs, drinking alcohol and hanging out in all the nightclubs, more or less elite class.

She’s an actress whose face doesn’t come off the covers of magazines, the star of Baywatch. Often busy on the set. The work is difficult and demanding, that is why a vacation is sacred. Where do you rest? In the same clubs, where you can dance and jump around a lot.

Their meeting was as inevitable as the beginning of a relationship. The incredibly persistent young man simply left Pam no choice but to marry. Four days later they officially became married, much to the bewilderment of their acquaintances and friends. Their marriage resulted in two sons, Brandon and Dylan.

Marital life, however, began to crack almost immediately. He is busy rehearsing, she on the set. And the attitude, as it turned out, they have different. Some common themes though there are, but not enough to save the marriage. The last nail in the coffin of marital relations was the theft of the tape recording of the act of copulation between the newlyweds. Next came lawsuits, dissatisfaction between the spouses and, as the cherry on the cake, a high-profile divorce case.

When is Pam & Tommy season 2 Coming Out?

Episodes number Name release date
2×01 Series 1 Not announced
2×02 Series 2 Not announced
2×03 Series 3 Not announced
2×04 Series 4 Not announced
2×05 Series 5 Not announced
2×06 Series 6 Not announced

Pam & Tommy season 2 cast

  • Pamela Anderson is a Hollywood star who has been honored with prints on the Walk of Fame. Sex symbol of American culture, whose portrait occupies one of the covers of the Play Boy issue. Has a relationship with a famous drummer. The role is played by Lily Jams.
  • Tommy Lee is one of the founders of Mötley Crüe, the most famous musician, considered a sex symbol of his time. He gets acquainted with Pamela in one of the clubs, and he is so persistent that already in 96 hours he signs a contract with the actress. The role is played by Sebastian Stan.
  • Rand Gauthier is a former porn actor whose fame has long since faded. He works as an electrician, thanks to which he had access to the newlyweds’ safe. Stole a tape with an intimate video of the couple. The role is played by Seth Rogen.
  • Milton Owen Ingley is a porn actor and porn director who obtains a tape of an intimate video of a couple of head gers. He sells the tape on one of the porn portals, after which he gets a lawsuit from the main characters. The role is played by Nick Offerman.
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