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Superhero television projects do not lose their popularity, so new series keep appearing. Recently, the series “Naomi” about another hero from the world of DC Comics was shown. And the audience liked the new show, so they wanted to see a sequel.

The release date for “Naomi Season 2” is set for February 8, 2023.

The CW has been expanding its line of superhero shows more and more every year, and earlier this year a new project called “Naomi” was presented, telling the story of the emergence and formation of a new character in the DC Comics universe. Of course, the show immediately found its audience and we have nothing left but to call the date when there will be “Naomi” Season 2.

Naomi Season 2 plot

The main character Naomi McDuffie comes from Port Oswego, Oregon. She really likes people with unusual abilities. She even started a fan project on the Internet about the Man of Steel. She also really likes Superman.

So when her friend Naomi tells her that mysterious events have started in her hometown involving that superhero she’s a fan of, the girl immediately rushes to check things out.

But she doesn’t get to see the fight between the villain and Superman, as she faints as she rushes to the scene of the battle. However, as it turns out, the girl hasn’t lost anything, because the whole action was invented by the tattoo master.

Despite her disappointment, Naomi still gets a chance to get close to the supernatural. She actually witnesses an unusual event and receives an unusual gift herself. It is at this point that the girl begins to ponder the mystery of her birth.

Naomi Season 2 cast

  1. Naomi McDuffie – the role of the main character was played by Kasi Wallfall. Before receiving her gift, the young girl adored superheroes and followed the battles of heroes and villains. This actress has previously starred in such projects as: “Army Wives”, “In Sight”.
  2. The role of Zumbado was played by Cranston Johnson. This character seems rather mysterious, and his secrets are hard to unravel. The actor has previously starred in such projects as: “The Silent Game”, “Obscenely Rich”.
  3. The role of Dee was played by Alexander Raitt. This character is a Thanagarian masquerading as a tattoo parlor owner. The actor previously performed roles in the films: “The Man Who Cried”, “Fist Fury and Golden Fleece”.
  4. The role of Annabelle was played by Marie-Charles Jones. Annabelle is the best friend of the main character. The actress has previously played in the films: “Pretty Girls in Cleveland”, “Catch a Fat Girl If You Can”.
  5. The role of Jennifer McDuffie was played by Muzam McCar. This woman raised Naomi as her own daughter.
  6. Naomi’s ex-boyfriend, Nathan, was played by Daniel Puig.
  7. The role of Lourdes was played by Camila Moreno. She works in an antique store and loves comic books.

Naomi season 2 release date

Fans of the series can expect a sequel, with a Season 2 release date of “Naomi” set for February 8, 2023. The television project was inspired by comic books from David F. Walker and Brian Michael Bendis.

Schedule for Naomi Season 2

Episodes number Episodes name release date
2×01 Episode 1 Early 2023
2×02 Episode 2 Early 2023
2×03 Episode 3 Early 2023
2×04 Episode 4 Early 2023
2×05 Episode 5 Early 2023
2х06 Episode 6 Early 2023
2х07 Episode 7 Early 2023
2×08 Episode 8 Early 2023

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