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Movies about the life and work of medical professionals inadvertently command the respect of viewers. The tv series “Good Sam” was no exception. Moreover, it exceeded all expectations of viewers, who became its fans overnight and are now waiting for a sequel. “Good Sam season 2” release date is scheduled for February 10, 2023.

The exact release date for all episodes of Good Sam season 2 is February 10, 2023.

The Plot

Cardiac surgeon Rob Griffith was a luminary of medical science in the department he headed. In addition to his other subordinates, he had a daughter named Samantha, or Sam, who he didn’t want to see as a real professional. Why did he treat his own daughter that way?

Sam grew up as a well-rounded child, so it was no surprise that she mastered the piano as a child. Musical lessons on a keyboard musical instrument contributed to the full development of fine motor skills. However, Sam did not dream of becoming a musician.

She wanted to follow in the footsteps of her father, a talented cardiac surgeon who had made his name famous by his brilliant surgeries. One day an accident happened. Rob was traveling with his daughter in a car and got into an accident through his own fault. He got off lightly, but the child was seriously injured.

Only a timely heart operation saved the girl. Fear and guilt over the child blocked Rob’s channels of parental tenderness and love for his daughter. Even when she grew up, got a medical degree, and began working for her father as a cardiac surgeon, Rob continued to treat her coolly, not seeing any talent in the girl in that profession.

Of course, Sam wants to prove that she, too, is worth something as an expert, and one day she gets the chance. Rob Griffith suffers an accidental gunshot wound that puts him in a coma for a long time. None of his colleagues believed in his return, and after six months Sam was appointed to replace him, who was recognized as a talented doctor.

Good Sam Season 2 Release Date

There is no doubt that season 2 of the television series “Good Sam” is due out on CBS in early 2023.

Series number Name release date
2×01 Series 1 Early 2023
2×02 Series 2 Early 2023
2×03 Series 3 Early 2023
2×04 Series 4 Early 2023
2×05 Series 5 Early 2023
2×06 Series 6 Early 2023

The Good Sam Season 2 – cast

Sophia Bush Dr. Sam Griffith Sam Griffith

(heart surgeon)
Jason Isaacs Dr. Rob “Griff” Griffith Rob “Griff” Griffith

(cardiothoracic surgeon, Sam’s father)
Skye P. Marshall Dr. Lex Truly Lex Trulie

(Sam’s best friend)
Michael Stahl-David Dr. Caleb Tucker Caleb Tucker
Omar Maskati Dr. Isan M. Shah Isan M Shah
Wendy Crewson Vivian Katz

(chief physician of the hospital, mother of Sam and ex-wife of Rob Griffith)
Edwin Hodge Malcolm A. Kingsley

(head sponsor and chief financial officer of the hospital)

Good Sam Season 2 Trailer

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